Generations project

boomers generations quizUSA Today, the newspaper, was doing a series on Baby Boomers turning 65 in 2011. Figuring the audience at skewed younger, our projects team proposed an interactive, fun-oriented quiz that would place people in the generation they grew up in. Julia Schmalz and I researched nine categories spanning a 90-year period that included the memorable events from each. TV, movies, technology, news, sports, music and fashion were among those. Together we accumulated about 500 data points that arced over six generations. Dave Evans conceived the design and did the witty animation. Katherine Jarmul and Bill Couch created the database and functional interface that plotted all the events and served up video, stills, text and audio files in a beautifully eloquent modal window. Take the quiz and feel free to comment on it. Usually it will land you close to your birth date, but almost all the time land you in your correct generation. Upon reaching the results page, we hoped people would play around in the sea of material and search out what other generations experienced as popular.

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