Earthquake in Haiti

The Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti produced some of the most compelling images ever captured in the week following the massive natural disaster. Maybe because location in the western hemisphere made it more accessible, and maybe more important to the U.S. than previous earthquakes around the world. Advances in digital photography and satellite transmissions enabled world-class photo journalists to deliver photographs in almost real time. Our group at USA TODAY came up with this approach – based on a weeks-earlier decade in review project designed by William (Bill) Couch – to document the disaster using stills, audio and video from the scene. While I handled most of the stills, Julia Schmalz concentrated on the audio and video additions, along with helping with the stills. Team leader Josh Hatch translated the captions into .xml and Juan Thomassie helped Bill with the coding. I think it works pretty well. Thoughts?

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