2004 GOP Convention

College Republicans recite the Pledge of Allegiance inside Madison Square Garden.

The first presidential convention since 9/11 transformed New York City, especially the expanded perimeter of Madison Square Garden, into an armed camp preparing for the arrival of President Bush. Producer Emily Murphy and myself documented the behind the scenes activities that spanned from massive protest marches down Broadway to earnest college Republicans voicing their support for the incumbent president. A few miles away at Ground Zero, the gaping chasm where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood, attracted the curious as well as the anti-war protesters ringingĀ  tinny bells that broke an ominous and respectful silence. A strange week capped by the renomination of Bush, massive arrests carried out at night by mounted police, and a midtown eerily absent the usual crowds and bustle normally associated with it. I shot and edited the photos and Emily, likewise, the audio content.

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