2004 Democratic Convention

In July of 2004, producer Emily Murphy and myself headed to Beantown to peak behind the scenes of the Democratic Convention, an action-packed week that anointed John Kerry and John Edwards to run against President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I shot and edited the stills while Emily gathered and edited the audio, which was then assembled in Flash by designer Ron Coddington. This was in the pre-Soundslides era. Throughout the week, we covered stars of the Daily Show – which was broadcast live from Boston University – protests, Michael Moore, MTV heartbreak Gideon Yago, Howard Dean and CNN's Wolf Blitzer. By total coincidence, Barack Obama appeared on a segment we were covering, affording us the opportunity to meet the convention's keynoter. In our brief conversation, the senator from Illinois had more questions for us than we of him, mainly centering on what kind of camera he should buy when he got home. He was enamored of my new Canon 10D.

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